Apple’s argument that Siri is genderless doesn’t hold water. But, just what would a genderless voice sound like, unless it was synthesized in a way that we conceptualize an electronic robotic voice sounds like. If it was the voice of Sam Elliott, it couldn’t be argued that the voice was genderless, either. From “The Stepford Wives” to “Bladerunner 2049” robots and AI personalization has been portrayed and informed by the men that dominate the industries. I remember a “Twilight Zone” (The remade TV series, not the original), episode where the female robot developed human emotions, including jealosy. It did not turn out well. Looking back on my own personal relationships, I rather be with a real human being, with all the quircks and emotional baggage that comes with such a relationship, than some robotic simulation, anytime. How does a robot cuddle?

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