“As he sat in the now nearly empty haze-filled restaurant booth going over the third rewrite of his short story, ‘The Perfidy Chronicles’, the author smirked at the irony of the title he had chosen, after the treachery of his editor whom had sent him a note chastising him for writing such rubbish, and then went on to publish a similar piece in a writing journal. He was also pondering the disloyalty of his fans who he perceived as having abandoned him. He scribbled a note to himself on the papers; “USELESS”, and then wadded them up and threw them on the floor under the table. He then headed out the door into the rain drenched street. The night janitor found the wadded up papers and thought, ‘This is brilliant!’ and without any concern over plagiarism sent them to a literary magazine with his name attached as the author where it was published as the spotlighted “Author of the Month”.

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