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“Be Not Afraid”, colored pencil on paper 8 1/2" x 12" © 2018 illustration by Chas Wyatt

Be Not Afraid- Subliminal Messaging, Power of the Will and Walking On Fire

When I was around four years old my older sister and her friend were charged with babysitting me while my mother picked berries in a berry field about 2 1/2 miles up the road. Now, children have no fear and are easily influenced by everything in the world around them. My father had a debris pile burning in the backyard. I know I had seen some movie, or television show on TV that had shown some fire walkers in the South Pacific somewhere and I had gotten in my young mind that I, too, could walk on fire. The missing element in my psyche was believing that I was walking across a bed of ice, or a cool mountain stream.

So, off I trotted across the flames without fear. My sister and her friend were disrupted by my wails from whatever game they were playing and did the most logical thing a pre-adolescent could think of to do and put me in her doll buggy (which broke from my weight) and carted me off to the berry field where our mom was. My sister was admonished for not ‘keeping an eye on me’, but, really, it wasn’t her fault. The subliminal message of walking on fire had been planted in my mind, the opportunity presented itself, and the power of my own will made it happen. And I broke my sister’s doll buggy.

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