Congratulations, neither did I. I made the decision to vote my conscience in 2016, and it wasn't Hillary, but, we ended up with the Orange Pumpkinhead. This year I am not voting for Biden, so much, as I am voting against the idiot-in-chief. He has gutted the NPS and the EPA. To say his response to COVID-19 was anemic, is an understatement. He won't let science and facts sway him, and instead tries to put people and essays that support his agenda in place. Trump only cares about Trump and being re-elected. In the NW 100-year-old Cedar trees are dying due to climate change- this is based on scientific study, not conjecture and opinion. Unfortunately, once again, we are left to a choice between Tweetle-Dee and Tweetle-Dum. In my opinion we haven't had anyone of Presidential stature since John F. Kennedy. He was great and he was dangerous. And he was shot.

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