Corey, we never know how we will react until we are facing the situation; reality isn’t like the movies. It could have turned out worse, but , I am glad you and your girlfriend are okay. I had a harpoon thrown at me in Hawaii, but, it was off by several feet. The same guys grabbed my backpack while I was sleeping in a tent back in a valley and I awoke and went around a corner to see them dumping the contents out on the ground under a mango tree. My reaction wasn’t the most well-thought out one and one of them said “You like beef?”, as they held up a couple of machetes. Just then, a friend came around the corner and it was no longer two on one; I came to my senses, also, and we were able to diffuse the situation, but, that scenario could have turned out different than it did.

I have been pondering a trip to Columbia, also, but, I am concerned about things happening such as you described, being a gringo.

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