I am glad I started following you. You are full of surprises. What a composition! I have been having very strange dreams lately. A few weeks ago I couldn’t recall my dreams, which is unusual for me, and then I started remembering them, again. I think you would like this composition by Chris Spheeris — “Eros”(Rain)~ https://youtu.be/UAaRUmdlGL8

“Good night. I have said my prayer with the forest; stood to the dark and the rain; cast my voice on the storm. Though my body shall lie in heavy slumber, my petition has gone on, caught and carried in the surge of the trees, whirled in high vortex over the mountain, drifting in black mists through the fertile night. Acknowledged, answered, in the drip of rain.” ~ Virginia Garland, “The Rain”, Out West: A Magazine of the Old Pacific and the New, February 1908.

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