I am just going to respond to different aspects of the subject from my perspective. There are a lot of different schools that fall under the umbrella of “Art School” including public Universities. If one’s mind is truly laser focused on pursuing art (which could be photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, acting, music, or dance), then public institutions have the wrong attitude, mindset and direction in providing what such a focused student needs and the skills that student wishes to learn, instead embracing the concept of a “well-rounded education” where the student will be subjected to courses on geology, algebra, philosophy, sociology, geography and constipation of the brain. One would be better off to study at an atelier that focuses solely on learning the skills of an artist than one of these general education diploma mills. A person can take the basics on perspective, design and composition from a community college at a reasonable cost without incurring the wrath of the triple-headed dragon of student debt; another manipulation brought to you by the masters of greed and incarceration. Then, don’t overlook the abundance of books available; it was a good enough source for Abraham Lincoln to learn about law. This is coming from someone who didn’t heed my own advice and took the wrong course.

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