I am mainly disillusioned with Apple following other tech companies in administering planned obsolescence. They no longer support Mavericks which is the last OS update I really liked. I made the mistake of upgrading to El Capitan which I hated and since I couldn’t go back, installed Sierra. But, now my HP scanner can’t communicate with my iMac and Apple says to update the HP autoscan drive, but, guess what? For the scanner I have HP hasn’t updated the drive since Mavericks four years ago. HP and Apple don’t talk to each other. The scanner I have is like new, but, I have to junk it in order to get one that will work with Sierra for a couple of years. My iMac isn’t capable of handling the Mojave update. The only work-around I’ve found is to scan something, send it to my email and then download it. I feel like I’m playing with MS.

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