I can relate to much of what you have to say; not everything, of course. I think the ‘coming in threes’ thing has its roots in Celtic mythology, but, know the belief has been prevelant in my family and I certainly find it difficult to dispell. I have had a bumpy road with Medium; I love the platform, or I wouldn’t still be here. At first, I wasn’t able to make my stories ‘for members only’, then after finally having that issue resolved, I wasn’t able to login to my account for two weeks. So far what I have received doesn’t quite match my monthly membership fee, but, it’s something. Financially, I have been hit by several punches this year, some of them being blindsides. I have a new found disgust for attorneys- I didn’t think anyone could go lower than a used car salesman, until now. Sometimes I look at things from a dark perspective, even though I try really hard to maintain a positive outlook. I hope we both see better days ahead.

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