I didn’t read your original story about the MPP because it didn’t pique (after reading the definition of that word, I am not sure if it’s fitting-maybe baffled curiosity?) my interest and there have been so many articles on that topic. I left the only publication I belonged to and as a whole, I don’t care for the concept of publications on Medium but, that’s me. It’s sort of like a box within a box. Sites come and go, but I’m glad I’m not still publishing stories on LinkedIn’s “Pulse”. I liked many of your early stories after I started following you, but, as you say “we are all bound to like or dislike different things here”. I am glad that the MPP has worked so well for you, but, have no illusions about it doing the same for me, mainly because I can’t give it the laser focus and dedication that you have, simply because there are too many other things going on in my life. All the few cents it has given me has done is complicate my tax return. I wish you the best, whatever happens.

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