I never really participated in traditional dating, even before the online thing. My relationships usually evolved as a result of chance meetings through travel. Then there is the occupational hazard; once, a woman that I really wasn’t interested in, got fired from the tree planting crew I was on. One day, after she had been fired, she showed up on the deck to my apartment banging on my door with a six-pack in her hand; I’ll leave the details to your imagination. I never tried online dating, because it seems so fictitious; everyone is reduced to a thin cardboard cut-out, showing their most appealing aspects without revealing the cracks in the paper. I don’t think I would do well in that world. I am kind of at a loss in the world as it is now, relationship-wise, as I don’t travel as much as I use to and I find it hard to meet anyone that I might be interested in, or that might be interested in me.

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