I was sitting, waiting for a live music performance at a local record store (yes, there are some that survived), when a couple of women in front of me were talking and hadn’t seen each other in awhile. One asked the other one to connect with her on Facebook, to which the other one said, “Oh, I quit Facebook; I was starting to hate people”. All in all, though, cyberspace is somewhat a reflection of our real lives. Think of all the co-workers, or acquaintances that you don’t get along with. This is coming from someone who was picking apples in the orchard at the time that jobs was putting computers together in a wooden box and forming Apple, the company. Still, I have come and gone from various backwater social sites of the internet. I recently joined a new site, but, now regret that decision, as it is very reflective of Facebook with shallow memes, gifs and full of hate-mongers and racists. I will most likely leave that site, as well, because of the aforementioned elements that I can do without. I am probably going to limit my online presence mainly to Medium and Ello in the future.

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