Let’s see, $200.00 more in a week, than I make in a month; I think I could afford the luxury of pondering the meaning of life, then. I will be the first to admit that I have fallen for more than a handful of scams, including one that was blatantly called “The Six-Figure Program” that amounted to a cut-and-paste web site that displayed affiliate ads. After abandoning the newsfeed software by the site’s creators, I even went as far as going into the control panel of the site host to edit and update the site. I never made a dime from “Affiliate Ads”. The guys selling the “program” were getting a commission from the hosting site for every sucker they sent their way; that’s how “six-figures” worked for them.

I agree with the spirit of your message, but, along with others in the comments, I think the method of delivery could be worked on.

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