My relationship with the internet and ‘social media’ is unique and I don’t adhere to the behavior of the masses, so my comment is probably of little consequence. I was on LinkedIn for a period and a social site based in Madrid, Spain for about a year, but, was unhappy about the changes those sites implemented, so I left. I have never belonged to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or G+, nor, do I have intentions of joining them. I was hesitant about joining Medium, but, when they made it possible to join without belonging to some other major social site, via email, I took the leap of faith, as I like to read and write. I am also a visual artist and find a lot of interesting articles pertaining to those endeavors. Most of the time that I am on the computer, I spend on Medium. I suppose that if it went away, I would find something else. It is a digital creative outlet for me. It is a pity that writers are now competing with Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Fast Company, etc. on the platform, however.

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