No, Ello isn’t similar to Medium and doesn’t have anything like the partner program. If you have something to sell you can put a link to your site using a dollar icon on something you post there. It was created by a couple of graphic designers and has since been sold. I would compare it more to Pinterest, except content isn’t censored, which creates an issue with spambots. It loads slowly and has a small staff. It hasn’t received the kind of seed funding that sites such as Medium has enjoyed. It has a section for writers, but, the type is basic and archaic. You probably wouldn’t like it. In my search for alternatives to Medium, I didn’t turn up much. There is of course , the old dinosaur, Blogger, owned by Google (blogspot), Posthaven, created by Evan’s buddies who created Posterous before it was sold to Twitter and consequently shut-down, but, it gets little traffic and charges a similar membership fee as Medium. Ghost is basically an expensive CMS that doesn’t allow comments, so in my opinion a person would be better off just getting their own domain and using WordPress that has a bevy of themes available, than using Ghost. Svbtle isn’t very promising and isn’t updated often. isn’t secure. Gravity is an open source CMS, similar to WordPress, but, less complicated; but being the new kid on the block there aren’t a lot of themes available, and again, you would be creating your own domain, rather than being on someone else’s platform. I couldn’t find a button to contact Gravity with questions, other than just being subscribed to their mailing list. So, there is basically my research into alternatives to Medium in a nutshell.

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