Sometimes it can be a matter of perspective. I try not to “beat myself up” over wasting a day. Was going for a walk in the forest and sitting above a brook contemplating, wasting a day? I think not. (I am addressing myself on this). Your post has given me some ideas. One of my big dreams was going to New Zealand and perhaps, even moving there, ever since high school. I had several chances to go there, but, never did. I have a friend that moved there; she has dual citizenship between there and the U.S. But, then, things aren’t always as they seem. I moved to Hawaii once and lived there for two years; it wasn’t the same as I had envisioned it, before I experienced it. $650,000 would definitely pad my dreams, but, I am not expecting it to fall from the sky, nor, am I expecting to find a wealthy patron on Medium. I wish you the best in your endeavors. Lombok isn’t part of my dreams.

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