“Those who have succeeded at anything and don’t mention luck are kidding themselves.”~ Larry King. I just had to play the devil’s advocate for a moment. I am actually reading a fascinating book on the subject right now; “Lucky You!” by Randall Fitzgerald. Before you discard the book as “fluff”, it really has many fascinating stories and delves into a wide range of subjects relating to “luck”, such as intuition, precognotive dreams and esp. It tells of many scientific studies and the results of the research. One such story is that of 22-year-old Yugoslav Airlines flight attendant, Vesna Vulovic. In 1972 a bomb blew apart the airliner she was on at 33,000 feet (more than five miles up). She was in the tail section when the plane exploded and rode it down for the five miles where it hit a snowy mountain slope in a forest in Czechoslovakia and slid like a sleigh. Everyone else on the plane perished. Now, was she lucky for having survived, or, unlucky for getting on the plane in the first place? The book also discusses some of Carl Jung’s essays. You should really check it out; it is a fascinating read and I will never view luck with the same perspective, again.

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