“Time, the earth, and death are living things, as stories are — so long as other living things exist to feed them, and for them to nourish in their turn.” ~ Robert Bringhurst, 1995, Introduction to “The Dreamer Awakes” by Alice Kane.

“I didn’t go to the worlds of story to be reminded that on a dark road your anger and your cruelty pace just behind you, daring you to turn your head, unless you let them travel safely within you.

The books I loved best were…the ones that started in this world and took you to another…I wanted there to be a chance to pass through a portal, and by doing so to pass from rusty reality with its scaffolding of facts and events into the freedom of story. I wanted there to be doors. If, in a story, you found the one panel in the fabric of the workaday world that was hinged, and it opened, and it turned out that behind the walls of the world flashed the gold and peacock blue of something else, and you were able to pass through, that would be a moment in which all the decisions that had been taken in this world, and all the choices that had been made, and all the facts that had been settled, would be up for grabs again: all possibilities would be renewed, for who knew what lay on the other side?

And once opened, the door would never entirely shut behind you either. A kind of mixture would begin. A tincture of this world’s reality would enter the other world…while this world would be subtly altered too, changed in status by the knowledge that it had an outside.” ~ Francis Spufford (b. 1964), “The Child That Books Built: A Life in Reading”, 2002.

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