Tried searching for a synonym for cunilingus and was asked, “Did you mean coilings?” What my search turned up was cullings, cunnings, cavilings, cuddlings, curdlings, consolings, counselings, coinings. I do not want to cull your prose and am not trying to be cunning. I don’t want to cuddle ’til after the act. I do not seek consoling, or counseling, but, can’t we coin a different phrase in the modern English language than curdlings? It reminds me of cottage cheese. Cavalings gives me images of stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and soda straws. I am not quite ready to go spelunking into the inner reaches of the Vulva-Mons. I cannot quite wrap my lips around the thought of Gauguin whispering into the ear of some Tahitian nymph, ‘I want to perform cunnilingus on you’; the word is derived from latin, anyways. There surely must be a more poetic word to describe this act. The best I heard was “Tipping the velvet”. And that doesn’t even come up close.

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