We have had some similar experiences. I succumbed to the higher ed marketing of a degree, as “employers don’t care what it is in” thinking as regurgitated through the director of the art department head of a small town remote state college, after she had basically kicked me out of the fine art program. Her action at least resulted in me transferring to a private school where I obtained the coveted degree (also adding to my pile of student loan debt). I wanted to become more skilled in the craft of drawing and painting. The standard higher ed formula doesn’t succumb to that concept, for the sake of “a well-rounded” education. The best way to hone those skills is through practice. It isn’t by taking numerous classes to fill course credit requirements that are a waste of time and money that could have been better spent honing those skills, if that is truly your intent. Becoming a doctor, lawyer, or teacher is a different story. My advice for the candle-stick maker is; go make candles.

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