While Van Gogh has gained much more popularity in the art world and his work garners far greater prices than Gauguin’s, I wasn’t really fond of his painting for a long time, but, have come to appreciate his work. I have always admired Gauguin’s work, though. I even read Gauguin’s “Intimate Journals”. While in college I painted a copy of his “Tahitian Women with Mango Blossoms”, which you have posted above. It was a few years later that I discovered a book that had been put out that used that painting as an example of a master painting to copy. So, there must be numerous copies of that painting floating around in the world. Here is what Gauguin had to say about his subject; “Before the Eve of my choice, that I have painted in the forms and harmonies of another world, your favorite memories have perhaps recalled an unhappy past. The Eve of your civilized conception makes you, makes almost all of us misogynist; [but] that ancient Eve, who frightens you in my studio, may one day smile at you less bitterly… “The Eve that I have painted (she alone) can logically remain nude before our eyes.”

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