Willda, you must realize that Shelby Church has 1.56 million subscribers on YouTube to begin with and the article she wrote was a natural promotion tool for Medium about how many views she received on YouTube. It was curated in two, or more publications on Medium simply because it was a way for Medium to gain more subscribers. Let's just say that out of that 1.56 Million, Medium just gains 300, 000 subscribers @ $5.00 a month to be conservative; well, it is easy to see why her article was curated. Don't give up, but, I don't think it is realistic for anyone to compare themselves with Shelby Church's success on Medium, unless they have such a huge following on YouTube, or some other platform. I would suggest that you submit your articles to the Illumination publication. They seem to be more author-friendly. The vast majority of writers on Medium are left with nickles and dimes through the MPP.

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