You have brought back memories, although mine are from a male’s perspective. I learned to french kiss in the back of a car; she was an older woman who was drunk and sitting on my lap. Her name was Arjuana; I was probably 14. Another time me and a friend were down by the river and he had a puppy; girls like puppies, but, we didn’t have a car. A blonde and a brunette were drawn in like magnets; my friend wanted the blonde and I have a natural attraction towards brunettes; I ended up with the blonde. We got a ride from a guy with a van. Me, my friend, the blonde, the brunette and the puppy dog ended up in a cemetary. As my friend and the brunette were making out , I was dry humping the blonde, but, as I unbuttoned her cut-offs and started to unzip them, she said, “we just met”; that was as far as the adventure in the cemetary on that hot summer night went. I remember other sloppy and awkward kisses in the back of cars. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

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