You might also like “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts. A book I am reading right now, I stumbled across in a thrift store titled “Mystic Path to Cosmic Power” © 1967 by Vernon Howard. The title may seem a bit pretentious, but, I am finding it to be full of kernals of wisdom. An excerpt from the book; “Authentic heroism is inner action, unseen and unapplauded by men. It consists in a willingness to wade, if necessary, through a thousand personal blunders in order to reach the next elevation. The basic heroism is an agreement to higher truth”. He also delves heavily into the “true self” and different perspectives on adversity and the way in which most people react to different events in their lives. On a final note, a friend of mine would often describe the modern-day society in which we live as the “Non-culture culture”.

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